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Who doesn’t love diamonds, and the everlasting sparkle and beauty they symbolise forever? Flaunting that rock or a piece of jewellery studded with the dazzling diamonds is an experience that few things in life can match. Sometimes, when we see beyond the beauty of diamonds, we marvel at the cut, clarity and craftsmanship that are chiselled with. However, if you dive deeper into what went into the making of the diamond you wear, you will be stunned to learn a few things. To begin with, it takes centuries for a diamond to evolve into what it is celebrated for, and that’s something that takes place deep inside the earth. A diamond, therefore, has to be extracted by mining and digging into the abyss of the earth, which entails a tremendous amount of laborious efforts, hardships, pain and even risk to the life of the miners. You may be aghast to know that the history and the process of diamond mining is anything but easy, safe or pleasant; in fact, it has a rather violent and disturbed past- one we are not aware of and probably never thought of.

Which is why, the advent of new technology- creating and growing diamonds in a lab is taking the diamond industry by storm. Yes, you read it right. A growing number of companies are now manufacturing diamonds in their own labs. It’s a revolutionary concept set to transform the entire concept of the diamond industry. These lab-grown diamonds, which are known as CVD diamonds, synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, etc. will be the future of the diamond industry as they look, feel and glitter exactly like those created naturally. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are priced much lower than the original diamonds and yet are not in any way lesser or inferior to the former. So why not make an informed decision and choose these diamonds over the other, which is associated with struggle, deaths of the miners and even child labour as children are also often forced to fetch them? Think about it.