Lab Grown Diamonds

Here At ethereal green we believe in better tomorrow a world with eco friendly, conflict free, and most affordable product yet the purest of its kind. Discover the splendor, authenticity and bliss of being kind towards the environment and even precious human lives that have been lost extracting diamonds from the hazardous labyrinth of the earth.

Ethereal Green Diamond LLP brings lab grown diamonds, the inventive lab-grown Type IIa diamonds.

About Type IIa Diamond

The only gem made of a single element (typically 99.95% carbon, remaining trace of element unconnected to diamond chemistry)

Method of scientifically classifying diamonds (both grown and mined) by level and type of chemical impurities

Almost or entirely devoid of impurities

Comparison chart throw light on the properties of mined and lab grown diamonds.

Chemical Compoition Hardness Specific Gravity Refractive Index Dispersion
Ethereal Diamond C 10 3.52 2.42 0.044
Mined Diamond C 10 3.52 2.42 0.044
Cubic Diamond ZrO2 8.50 5.65 2.15 0.060
Moissanite SiC 9.25 3.21 2.60-2.70 0.104